Academic Accommodations for college and graduate school

  • Extra time on tests and quizzes
  • Extended withdrawal deadlines
  • Removal of bad grades from transcripts
  • Extra time and distraction free room for the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT

Reach Your Full Potential With Our Psychoeducational Evaluation

  • Understand your learning style to boost performance
  • Eliminate learning barriers and access support services
  • Enhance admission rates and land your dream job

Assessment Services For College Undergraduates, Graduate Students, and Students About to Enter the Job Market

We have reliable methods developed by psychologists for outlining your learning style, mapping an achievement plan, and promoting healthy emotions and attitudes.

Our unique psychoeducational testing system will:

  • Guide tutoring and test preparation
  • Identify clinical diagnosis
  • Direct referrals to other providers
  • Determine if accommodations are warranted
  • Facilitate the acquisition of disability services

What You Can Expect with a Checkit Psych Ed Assessment:

Clinical Interview
Treatment Plan
Post-assessment consulting

Clinical Interview

Our clinical interviews are always conducted by the psychologist in charge of your assessment process. This interview is designed to efficiently gather your presenting concerns and historical information. Common topics include current problems, symptom and medical history, previous treatments, your academic record, and brief discussions about important life topics such as family, friends, and your early childhood. Though this interview covers many topic areas, our psychologists will put you at ease and the conversation often results in a positive mindset.


The assessment is conducted in a relaxing environment with a psychometrician (a professional who is trained to administer standardized tests). The evaluation process involves taking a series of “tests" that are designed to measure verbal skills (e.g. vocabulary), non-verbal skills (e.g. visuo-spatial skills), auditory and visual attention, and academic skill sets in reading, math, and written language. Also, depending on the type of assessment you choose, you will take tests that profile your emotions and attitudes. Don’t be intimidated, most of the “tests” are often described as feeling like short cognitive games. The individual subtests are brief and the entire assessment, which can span 4 to 6 hours, will usually seem to pass quickly.


Approximately one week after your testing session you will receive written and, in some cases, verbal feedback from the psychologist in charge of your assessment. This feedback will provide an explanation concerning your presenting problems, the reasoning underlying any diagnoses that were made, and an explanation for our treatment recommendations that were made. In addition to this personalized feedback, you will receive a full clinical report that can be given to providers, college disability offices, licensing boards, and test companies (e.g. those that administer the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, PCAT, and DAT).

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan outlined in your comprehensive assessment report will include specific guidelines for optimal learning, suggestions for treating cognitive and emotional issues (e.g. pharmaceutical treatment, academic counseling, psychotherapy), recommendations pertaining to college disability services, and recommendations for academic accommodations on entrance exams like the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and GMAT. If you have upgraded to a career guidance package, you will have additional suggestions concerning your choice of major, strategic academic plan, and optimal career path.

Post-assessment consulting

We cannot underestimate the importance of this final assessment phase. Many psychoeducational reports have numerous recommendations. Your journey with CheckIt does not end with a simple list of recommendations, however. After you are provided your feedback, our administrative consultants will be available to help locate recommended providers, find tutors and test prep programs, and answer questions regarding the complicated college disability process. This includes making sure you have necessary forms, that the forms are completed correctly, and that they are submitted by important deadlines.

The CheckIt Difference: More Than Just Testing

We don't stop at the testing report. Our administrative consultants are available in the days, weeks, months, and years following your CheckIt evaluation. We will assist you in finding providers, choosing the right tutors and test prep programs, completing and submitting paperwork for accommodations, and ensuring your graduate school applications are optimized for admission. Depending on your choice of assessment packages, we even offer unlimited lifetime consulting with discounted re-assessment if it is requested by future licensing boards.

We Help Students Achieve Their Collegiate and Professsional Goals

Whether you come to us as a freshman in college with no clue what your major will be, a senior who's about to take the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT or other high stakes test, or current graduate student whose performance is faltering - we can help. By employing proven statistical methods our psychologists can remove learning roadblocks and streamline the journey towards achieving your goals. We want to make learning fun, help you achieve a balanced life, and ensure that you attain personal and professional success.

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