Do you have an academic dilemma such as:

  • Getting professors to extend final paper and project deadlines?
  • Getting poor grades removed from transcripts?
  • Getting entire bad semesters expunged from transcripts?

Reach Your Full Potential With Our Psychoeducational Evaluation

  • Understand your learning style to boost performance
  • Eliminate learning barriers and access support services
  • Enhance admission rates and land your dream job

Do you have a seemingly unsolvable academic dilemma?

If you have reached this page you are either an undergraduate or graduate college student who has a seemingly unsolvable academic dilemma. Well, CheckIt Assessment Solutions is here to assist you. Our psychologists and support staff at CheckIt have over 20 years’ experience helping college students fix problems that threaten to negatively impact their college career and, in some cases, derail the pursuit of a desired career.

Examples of services we have performed for undergrads, medical students, law students, business students, and graduate students from almost all academic spheres are:

  • Convincing universities to extend withdrawal deadlines
  • Getting professors to extend final paper and project deadlines
  • Convincing a university to designate less than 12 hours as “full time”
  • Getting poor grades removed from transcripts
  • Getting entire bad semesters expunged from transcripts
  • Convincing colleges to change classes to “pass/fail” status
  • Convincing colleges and universities to reverse academic probation and suspension decisions
  • Getting colleges and universities to cancel dorm and housing contracts and provide refunds (and allowing students to transfer to preferred rooms)
  • Convincing professors to grant informal accommodations such as extended test time or access to the professor’s lecture notes to aid with studying
  • Getting universities to grant late withdrawals from semesters with full or partial refunds
  • Reversal of disciplinary decisions

These actions represent a sampling of services we can facilitate often with a greater than 90% success rate. Fortunately, these interventional services can be performed remotely. We can do interviews by phone, Skype or Facetime; send and receive necessary documents through safe email servers; and interface with colleges via phone, email, and fax. Often, most problems can be fixed within one to three business days. As you’ll learn when you call us, we have a nominal fee to book your initial interview and we won’t collect the rest of our fee until we have attained a positive result. There’s no reason not to see if CheckIt can help solve your academic conundrum.

The above “fixes” can be accomplished for a multitude of reasons. First, our primary clinicians are psychologists. Psychologists hold doctoral degrees, better known as PhDs, which are the highest degree that can be attained within most fields of study. Because psychologists have attained this elite academic status, they are respected within university settings and their opinion carries a great deal of weight. Second, because our psychologists have over 20 years of clinical experience, we are adept at quickly assessing for the presence of clinical issues, making diagnoses, and determining the effect on academic performance. Third, we have a well-honed formula for navigating the complex web of college and graduate school bureaucracy. Through calls to administrators and professors, as well as correctly formatted letters, we can help solve almost any academic emergency.

Call us at 512-568-7057 to begin the process.

The CheckIt Difference: More Than Just Testing

We don't stop at the testing report. Our administrative consultants are available in the days, weeks, months, and years following your CheckIt evaluation. We will assist you in finding providers, choosing the right tutors and test prep programs, completing and submitting paperwork for accommodations, and ensuring your graduate school applications are optimized for admission. Depending on your choice of assessment packages, we even offer unlimited lifetime consulting with discounted re-assessment if it is requested by future licensing boards.

We Help Students Achieve Their Collegiate and Professsional Goals

Whether you come to us as a freshman in college with no clue what your major will be, a senior who's about to take the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT or other high stakes test, or current graduate student whose performance is faltering - we can help. By employing proven statistical methods our psychologists can remove learning roadblocks and streamline the journey towards achieving your goals. We want to make learning fun, help you achieve a balanced life, and ensure that you attain personal and professional success.

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