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Some students simply do not qualify for accommodations in college or on entrance exams. This can happen because they lack a documentable history of disability, or because they present with “sub-clinical” issues (e.g., feeling down and unmotivated but not to the degree that psychological testing indicates clinical depression). So how can CheckIt help these students? We use their psychoeducational test data to create “Application Enhancement Letters,” which can boost chances of admission. These are letters that clinically justify why a student’s GPA may be lower than what they are capable of or why their entrance exam score was lower than it should have been. These letters directly reference your testing data to explicate weaknesses, highlight strengths, and will make grad schools and employers move applications to “the top of the pile.” Our carefully worded letters are respected by institutions of higher learning because they are always written and signed by a psychologist possessing a doctoral degree (PhD).

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Every Service We Provide Starts With a Psychoeducational Assessment Battery

Your testing process will be supervised by a psychologist and the assessment will begin with a clinical interview to get necessary background info. After, you will be tested by a psychometrician who will administer intellectual, academic, attention, emotion, and personality measures.

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Though ADHD symptoms are easily recognizable in many people, they are not as apparent in high achieving college students who put in grueling hours to achieve their grades, leaving them beleaguered and taxed. These students often lack sleep and are very susceptible to developing anxiety and depressive disorders that compound their ADHD symptoms. For these students, academic accommodations are essential.

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