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If you are in college or graduate school and want to improve your academic and test performance, we can help. Psychoeducational evaluation batteries examine and explain verbal skills, non-verbal skills, working memory functions, auditory and visual processing abilities, and attention. Also, academic skills are assessed across reading, math, and writing. Finally, one’s emotions and attitudes are evaluated to determine their impact on cognitive and academic functioning.

Our test batteries

  • Evaluate your cognitive abilities, learning style, and attention
  • Identify academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine emotional interference
  • Illuminate negative or self-defeating attitudes that are holding you back

Through a comprehensive assessment of the above domains, we can construct an optimal study strategy, guide academic planning, and provide a roadmap for achieving mental and physical wellbeing that will create sustained peak performance.

Some examples of ways college performance is improved:

  • Report can be provided to tutors so they can know what teaching methods will be most effective
  • Data collected can guide the choice of test prep programs so you find one that is the best fit
  • Our personality tests can identify self-defeating attitudes that are holding you back and provide strategies for restoring confidence and attaining peak performance

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Every Service We Provide Starts With a Psychoeducational Assessment Battery

Your testing process will be supervised by a psychologist and the assessment will begin with a clinical interview to get necessary background info. After, you will be tested by a psychometrician who will administer intellectual, academic, attention, emotion, and personality measures.

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Though ADHD symptoms are easily recognizable in many people, they are not as apparent in high achieving college students who put in grueling hours to achieve their grades, leaving them beleaguered and taxed. These students often lack sleep and are very susceptible to developing anxiety and depressive disorders that compound their ADHD symptoms. For these students, academic accommodations are essential.

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